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Re-shingling Your Roof

An important part of being a homeowner is to take care of your roof. You need to ensure that the roof deck, ice and water shield, and underlayment, are all in good condition. Then, you have to make sure the shingles are taken care of.

If you’ve noticed granules in your gutters, exposed nail heads, missing shingles, or dark, dirty areas of your roof it might be time to consider reshingling.

Start by considering the lifespan of your shingles. It’s been found that 30-year warranty shingles tend to last closer to 25 years. If it’s been in this time frame and you’ve noticed some other signs then it may be time to reshingle your roof.

If it is time to reshingle your roof you may be asking some serious questions.

One main question when you’re at the end of your shingle’s lifespan is if you can cover old shingles with new shingles. The short answer is yes, as long as your shingles aren’t wood or slate.

If you’re going to reshingle over old shingles take care to ensure you don’t mix materials. Only lay asphalt shingles over asphalt shingles. Some reasons why include: possibly voiding your roof’s warranty, inability to ensure your roof’s integrity, not being able to upgrade the underlayment, and it can strain your roof’s frame.

Also, you need to consider your responsibility to keep your roof in compliance with code. Some code areas do not allow reshingling over old shingles, but most do allow two layers of asphalt shingles. You can find your codes by contacting an inspector or a licensed roofer.

The long answer is that you should look at the entire condition of your roof. If any of the multiple layers under your shingles need repairing or replacing then it is best to tear off the old shingles and start anew.

Also, keep in mind that shingles are designed to lay on flat surfaces. Laying asphalt shingles over uneven surfaces can lead to your shingles peeling, and having rot and mold growth in your attic.

Remember, to keep your entire home healthy you depend on your roof. While shingles are important it is important to consider the entire health of your under roofing. If your under roofing is in tip-top shape then you can put new shingles over old ones.

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