Free Roof Inspections For Homeowners In North Wales, PA

Posted on August 9, 2022

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Free Roof Inspections For Homeowners In North Wales, PA

Free roof inspections are incredibly helpful for homeowners. You no longer have to worry about unexpected leaks, roof failures, and excessive damage due to neglect. Overlooking roof inspections is a common oversight that may lead you to spend thousands of dollars on urgent roof repairs or even a complete roof replacement.

In this blog, we will cover everything you would want to know about free roof inspections. It will help you figure out when and why you need a professional roof inspection, and who you should call.

Why Do You Need Roof Inspection In North Wales, PA?

The borough of North Wales is a historic town with beautiful architecture and pleasant suburban life. However, if you have a home here, you must prepare it for the freezing, snowy winters and storms.

  • Free roof inspections significantly bring you peace of mind and save money for future home improvements. They can help protect your home from storms, water damage, and exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • When you figure out the exact condition of your roof, you can decide on minor repairs so that they don’t get worse over time.
  • A roof inspection is also essential when buying or selling a home. After getting a roof condition report, you can know whether your roof is still in good shape. You can do the necessary repairs and increase the value of your home.

Professional roof inspectors with years of training and experience can help you figure out sturdy and appealing solutions for your roof within your budget. We understand that many homeowners would want to know why they do it for free when it holds so much importance.

So to resolve your concerns, we are here with a list of important reasons why our company North Star Roofing offers free roof inspections.

Why Do We Offer Roof Inspections For Free?

For roofing professionals, it makes sense to build trust with our customers. We want you to see for yourself why our roofing company stands out from others. A free roof inspection is an excellent way to do this.

  • Local roofing companies like us depend on customer loyalty, so we go above and beyond to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  • When we offer free inspections, we are letting you decide whether you would want to work with us or not. It’s the best way to get honest feedback about our services.
  • When considering a new product, you would obviously want to learn whether it is worth the money. That’s why companies offer free samples as ‘try before you buy.’ A free roof inspection is a service that provides the same value and satisfaction.

If you are wondering what the difference is between free and paid roof inspections, the answer is simple. The only major difference is only the cost.

Below is a detailed explanation of the free roof inspection process.

Free roof inspection

What Does A Free Roof Inspection Include?

Both free and paid roof inspections include a complete roof examination. Other than the cost, you can see a difference in the motive, integrity, and experience of the roofing companies and their inspectors. That’s why you should always choose a trusted local contractor who cares about the community. Here is what a proper roof inspection includes:

It’s A Full Roof Assessment

A roof inspection is a technical assessment of the condition and performance of your roof. It does not include removing any materials from the roof or interior of your home, such as shingles. If something looks damaged and needs to be replaced, we will provide a detailed estimate for repairs.

Inspect The Roof From Above

During the inspection, a qualified and licensed roof inspector will look for signs that could indicate problems with your roofing system. We will climb up the roof to inspect the flashing, shingles, and skylights for cracks, holes, discoloration, mold, and algae.

Check The Exteriors And Interiors

North Star Roofing is a full-service roofing company, so we also assess the condition of your siding, ventilation, gutter systems, and other exteriors and interiors of your home. The attic is the closest area to your roof, and it is prone to water damage. By looking through the attic and insulation, we are able to accurately report the damage on your roof.

We Don’t Overlook The Basement

If your gutters overflow or leak, water will fall down the ground with high velocity and pool in your yard and lawn. This is common during heavy rain, and it can cause leaks in your basement. Whenever there is water damage in the basement, it affects your home’s foundation to a great extent. But with proper gutter inspection and solutions, you can often prevent such damages.

The main goal of a proper inspection is to ensure that your home is safe and secure from external damage caused by heavy rainfall, high winds, hail, snow, storms, and other accidents. The truth is that free roof inspections can help homeowners in many ways, and roof inspections are an important part of any home maintenance program.

How Do Free Roof Inspections Help Homeowners?

We notice a common misconception among homeowners where they feel that roof inspections are only available to discover the roof’s condition, and maybe they can do it themselves. So are going to explain why this is not the case and how professional roof inspections help homeowners.

Help With Insurance Claims

Free roof inspections are part of your roof’s maintenance process. When you are particular about the condition of your roof, it gives you the upper hand when you talk to your insurance company if you need to file a claim. Insurance companies often reject the claims if they feel that you did not maintain your roof properly.

Lowering Energy Bills

By learning about proper ventilation, insulation, and roof safety components, you can cut down your energy costs, maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, and balance indoor humidity levels according to the weather outside.

Planning Home Improvement Projects

When you opt for a free service, you can save money and get an idea of how much you would be spending on the repairs and how long it will take to fix all the issues. You also know the best time to fix the problems.

Considering A Free Roof Inspection?

At North Star Roofing, we have another reason to offer free roof inspection. Being a part of the North Wales community, our local roofing company has specialists who have been here since they were kids and have seen it all. We know how the weather here can affect a roof, and how dangerous a damaged roof can be. That’s why we choose to inspect your roof for free, so as a homeowner, you can get the peace of mind you deserve and make the right decision for the safety of your family and home.

We hope this article has given you a good idea of why it’s critical to have your roof inspected by a professional. The roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home, so you must maintain it and confirm it remains in good condition for years to come.

If you need a roof inspection in North Wales, PA, call us at (484)-302-7663 and talk with one of our professionals today!

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