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Modified Bitumen Roofing System In Pennsylvania

Modified bitumen roofing systems are a popular choice for commercial property owners and builders in Pennsylvania. They offer a unique combination of features that can't be found in any other type of roofing system.

Modified bitumen is a synthetic material that is made from asphalt and rubber materials. It is also known as a bitumen roofing system. The name modified bitumen comes from the fact that it is modified by adding polymers or resins to improve its properties.

Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation & Repair Services

Looking for a reliable roofing company that can help you with your commercial roof installation or repair? North Star Roofing is a full service commercial roofing company, and we are proud to offer the best modified bitumen roofing services in Pennsylvania. Our team of expert contractors is committed to providing exceptional service and high-quality workmanship at an affordable price.


Works Well In Cold Climates

Modified bitumen roofing systems are an excellent choice for commercial properties in cold climates. They provide protection from the elements, and help keep your building warm and dry.

Environment Friendly

Modified bitumen roofing systems are environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled materials and are free from toxins, VOCs, and other harmful emissions.

Reflects UV Rays

Modified bitumen roofing systems can withstand extreme temperatures, making them an ideal choice for areas with extreme weather conditions. They also provide high UV resistance.

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At North Star Roofing, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to providing the best Modified Bitumen roofing services in Pennsylvania. Our team works hard to deliver quality roofing and earn our reputation as one of the state's premier roofing companies.

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