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9 Popular Atlas Shingle Colors For 2024 Roof Upgrades!

Posted on January 23, 2024

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9 Popular Atlas Shingle Colors For 2024 Roof Upgrades!

Choosing the right shingle color is a crucial aspect of any roof upgrade. The color not only affects the overall aesthetics of your home but also plays a role in energy efficiency. As we step into 2024, Atlas shingles continue to be a popular choice for homeowners seeking high-quality and durable roofing materials. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the impact of shingle colors on curb appeal and showcase nine popular Atlas shingle colors for 2024 roof upgrades.

Why Should You Choose Atlas Shingles?

Homeowners opt for Atlas shingles for various reasons, including their robustness, visual appeal, and cutting-edge features. Atlas has gained recognition for its diverse selection of shingles, featuring high-definition colors that empower homeowners to enhance the exterior of their homes. 

Notably, Atlas shingles are engineered with key attributes like double sealant strips, larger nailing areas, and Core4® Technology, bolstering their resilience and resistance to harsh weather. Moreover, Atlas shingles stand out as a cost-effective choice for homeowners, given their competitive pricing and noteworthy warranties, which add to their attractiveness.

9 Best Atlas Shingle Colors for 2024

Let’s find out the best Atlas shingle colors for your roof! We’ve chosen the top nine colors that will make your home stand out. Get ready to give your roof a fashionable look in 2024!

#1. Chestnut 

Chestnut Shingle Color

The first color is Chestnut, often resembling natural colors inspired by soil and wood, which can create a balanced and down-to-earth appearance to your roof. Made with Core4 Technology, this dark brown shingle color is a favored and traditional option, enhancing the neighborhood’s overall visual appeal. 

Chestnut is a dark brown shade in the StormMaster® Shake collection, bringing a natural, earthy look to your home and providing sophistication and warmth. It’s an ideal choice for homes aiming for a sophisticated aesthetic that effortlessly complements diverse architectural styles.

#2. Black Shadow IR

Black Shadow IR shingle color

The next option is Black Shadow IR, a bold black shade in the Pinnacle® Impact collection, which offers a classic and timeless appearance. Pinnacle Impact shingles give protection against damaging high winds of up to 130 mph and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Perfect for homeowners looking for a strong and elegant look, this black color provides a sleek and modern aesthetic with added impact-resistance for increased durability. 

It’s worth noting that this shade tends to be less intense than other black shingles, as it features cooler or neutral undertones. 

#3. Pewter

Pewter Shingle color

Pewter is another dark gray color from the ProLam™ collection that gives your home a chic and contemporary look. It complements various exterior designs and is a versatile option for homes aiming for a contemporary look due to its subtle blend of gray tones. It also provides wind protection up to 130 mph, making it a great choice for homes in areas with severe weather. 

One benefit of dark-colored roof shingles, such as pewter, is that they retain more heat and sunlight. This absorption may help with passive solar heating in colder climates, which could have some advantages for energy efficiency. 

#4. Granite

Granite is a soft gray color that is part of the Briarwood Pro™ collection. Its gray tones, which mimic the natural beauty of granite, give it an elegant appearance, making it a great choice for homeowners looking for a subtle and neutral look. 

The dark speckling adds subtle variation and texture, giving the roof’s overall aesthetic depth and interest, while the gray undertones serve as a neutral foundation. In addition, the dark color contributes to the upkeep and cleanliness of the roof by hiding dirt, debris, and discoloration over time.

#5. Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna Shingle Color

If you don’t want to go the conventional route and want something different, you can choose Burnt Sienna. This is a reddish-brown color from the Castlebrook® collection that brings warmth and character to your roof. Mimicking earthy tones, it gives your home a rustic and inviting feel, making it a perfect choice for those aiming to add personality and charm to their property. 

The Castlebrook shingles from Atlas not only offer an elegant architectural look but also provide excellent protection, backed by a warranty covering wind speeds up to 130 mph. With seven color options, these shingles complement any home’s exterior. Additionally, lighter shades of reddish-brown may reflect more sun, helping reduce heat absorption, which can be beneficial in warmer climates.

#6. Cool Coral Canyon

Cool Coral Canyon Color

Cool Coral Canyon, a light brown shade with hints of dark brown, is an Atlas shingle color from the Pinnacle® Sun collection that will give your roof a distinctive and revitalizing look. It creates a unique, peaceful appearance by adding a touch of warmth balanced with cool tones reminiscent of a tranquil desert landscape. 

These asphalt shingles give the roof more visual depth and appeal while maintaining a balanced, unique look that improves curb appeal. These Atlas shingles feature both the Scotchgard™ Protector and 3M™ Cool Roofing Granules, which guarantee a cooler home, inhibit the growth of algae, and preserve the roof’s reflective qualities. 

#7. Highland Brown 

Highland Brown Shingle color

Highland Brown, another attractive choice from the StormMaster Shake collection, is a medium brown shade that gives a rustic and natural aesthetic, bringing depth and character to your roof. 

Its versatility allows it to harmonize with various architectural styles and exterior colors. Colors like this are known for their neutral and classic appeal and are often selected with resale value in mind, as they possess broad appeal and can enhance the marketability of a home.

#8. Sunset 

Sunset  Color

One other great option is Sunset from the Pinnacle Pristine collection, which is a warm and inviting Atlas shingle color that captures the beauty of a sunset, creating a welcoming exterior. These architectural shingles provide superior protection with Class 3 impact-resistance, resilience against winds of up to 130 mph, and the Scotchgard Protector that will maintain curb appeal for years. This color, known for its warmth and cheerfulness, adds a bright and lively touch, creating a visually striking and memorable look for your home.

#9. Summer Storm 

Summer Storm Color

The last option on our list is Summer Storm, a stand-out color from Atlas’ Briarwood Pro line that gives your home a sleek, modern feel with its cool gray, purple, and blue undertones. This color is great for both traditional and modern designs, and it adds to the overall curb appeal of any property. 

Having a unique look, these shingles can give a striking appearance that makes your home stand out from others in the neighborhood. The Briarwood Pro shingles provide long-lasting curb appeal and protection against winds of up to 130 mph, making them a great choice for homeowners. 

Need Help With Finding The Best Asphalt Shingle Colors For Your Home?

Selecting the perfect Atlas shingle color for your 2024 roof upgrade is an exciting chance to boost your home’s visual appeal. With a variety of trendy colors and the trusted reliability of Atlas shingles colors, you can create a roof that not only safeguards your home but also enhances its overall aesthetic.

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